border post, Limanu

border post, Limanu

Apologies for not posting anything this past week. I’ve been on hiatus at the Black Sea, with friends. I did, however, explore the area around the Limanu commune (comuna Limanu, județul Constanța) – in particular, I biked to a long-lost Tartar village, called Hagieni. I’ll soon post something on this and the area, which is connected to some new research I’m undertaking on the colonization/homogenization of Dobruja during the interwar and wartime periods, roughly 1920–45. Perhaps I’ll do this on a new page or else start a separate thread of posts labeled “not Bucharest” or simply “outposts.”

Otherwise, my time at the seaside was spent catching the summer’s last rays and fattening up for the winter on some down-home, Romanian grandmotherly cooking… mămăligă (polenta), ardei umpluți (stuffed peppers), salată de vinete (eggplant salad), and zacuscă (uhhmm?)… vine-ripened tomatoes along with apples, pears, plums, quince, apricots, red grapes, and melons from local gardens and orchards, and the Dobrujan specialty, placintă dobrogeană (warm cheese pies) [insert drooling Homer Simpson emoticon here]. All washed down with copious amounts of plum pălincă/pálinka (double-distilled fruit brandy) and bottomless bottles of riesling and cold Timișoreana beer.

Yes, I’ve really come to love Bucharest, but it ain’t got this:

the beach at Doi Mai, on the Romanian Black Sea coast

the beach at Doi Mai, on the Romanian Black Sea coast

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  1. Bianca

    Oh, Romania…….miss it very much! And, of course, I miss you too!!!!!!!))))))))) Love the photo!!!!!

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