“Too Young”

Cristian and Cristina

Cristian and Cristina

Just posted on the NYT Lens Blog, images from the oncology wing of Marie Curie Children’s Hospital, Bucharest. These pics were taken by Bucharest-based photojournalist, Cristian Movila (his gallery is also linked under Friendly sites, next column). There is a bittersweet tenderness in the pic above – all the more tragic as Cristina (the child on the right, I believe) died aged four.

Anyway, by chance I happened to meet Cristian in Starbucks (yes, Starbucks) the other day in Bucharest. Really nice guy, outstanding work.

Cristian also shot the pics for this recent NYT article on the revitalization of the Lipscani district, the ramshackle district that passes for a historic, old town center in Bucharest. Things there have indeed picked up, but there’s still a long way to go. (By the way, don’t eat at Caru’ Cu Bere. If you want better Romanian food at a fraction of the price – and for my taste, better atmosphere – go down the street (str. Lipscani 38) to the subterranean brasserie, Gara Lipscani.)

God, some of the images on this blog are depressing. My aim was to highlight what I love about the city, not feed its negative image. I’ll work on this…

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  1. John

    Thanks Chris for the updates…really look forward to this and staying in touch with Bucuresti…

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